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Monikker :has room for rent

About Me & My Rental
I work at a law firm full-time, going back to school part-time in January (I have an undergrad degree). I\'m a musician and starting to get involved in the Austin scene. I\'ll be busy working on an album throughout 2013. I\'m chill, kinda quiet and shy, but like to laugh and have a good time. I\'m a casual drinker and weed-smoker. I\'m in a same-sex relationship. I\'m a Christian, although I don\'t try to impose any religious or political beliefs upon people. I\'m a basketball fanatic and love the NBA! I\'m a casual sports fan.

What I am Looking For...
The apartment is $640 total. Lease isn\'t signed yet. I\'m chill, low-key. Would be willing to split a bedroom or work out a situation where one person sleeps in the living room area. I\'d like a chill roomie, not someone who parties hard, does hard drugs, drinks a lot, smokes weed incessantly (I smoke a little). As of now I\'m not home a whole lot. I\'m going to be working on an album next year and may listen to beats and work on rhymes, so I want to have space to do that at home. I\'m kind of quiet but I talk a lot once I feel comfortable with someone. I want a roommate so I can save money for other things...I\'d be willing to look at a 2-bedroom apartment as well. I want a roommate with a job or in school with parents who support them. I\'m planning to start going to ACC part-time next year as well. I work full-time during the week and have the weekends off. I need someone who\'s gay friendly (I\'m currently in a same-sex relationship). I want someone who\'s bed bug free! I\'ve had to deal with that in the past. I\'m pretty much ignored by and I ignore back certain personalities such as preps, jocks, super super geeky people, and just generally stuck-up people. So if you\'re a high-maintenance kind of person, or you\'re really loud and obnoxious, please don\'t try to room with me. I don\'t really fit in with a crowd and I\'m not trying to, so I don\'t care what your vibe is as long as you\'re cool with other people who are different from you. Sometimes my clothes and things can get cluttered but I don\'t let any areas get gross. I\'m big on keeping the bathroom clean. So my shower and toilet look nice and clean :) I wanna be able to trade back and forth on cleaning philosophy is if it\'s gross or dirty, clean it! Oh yeah...I work at 8 a.m. M-F so I don\'t want someone who\'s just getting the party started at 2 a.m. I\'ve had roommates who didn\'t go to sleep til 10 a.m. so they were up all night, and played music and talked loudly and stuff. Super annoying. Basically I want someone who\'s also courteous when I\'m sleeping because I have to be up by 7. Just be you, don\'t be crazy, have a job, have a decent schedule, etc

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  Rental Description  
Rent: $320.00
Deposit: $1.00
Lease: 12 months or less
Bedroom occupancy: Shared bedroom
Bathroom occupancy: Shared bathroom
Date available: Ready to move now
Utilities included: Water, Trash pickup
Features: Balcony/patio, Cable/satellite outlet, Closet, Telephone jack

  Residence Description  
Building: Apartment, 1 bed, 1 bath
Features: Air conditioning, Dishwasher, Fitness center, Parking, Pool, Spa/hot tub, Washer/dryer in unit
Cross streets & map: Mopac and Duval Rd
Location: Austin, TX 78759


  Household Description  
Total Members: Just me
Age range: 22-22
Gender: Lesbian(s)
Occupations: Professional(s), Student(s)
Smoking habits: I don't smoke
Cleanliness: About average
Children: Will not be present
Pets: No Pets

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