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Eden Jinx :need room for rent

About Me
I have a cat that i love to death, and some furniture i\'d like to bring with me when i am ready to move out. Also I am not yet moving out, I plan to wait until i find a group of females who are interested in moving into an apartment in the same general location that i am. I am awkward around people but don\'t mind listening to them talk. I\'m honest and straight forward about myself, and generally admire nice people with great personalities, and wont be very forward about telling them in person. I take work seriously and I am ambitious to grow with what ever company decides to keep me; currently that is Petco. I need to live by a trolley station, I find that buses are a little too small. I do not have a liscence, I figured if i cannot afford a car, why should I have my liscence. I draw and write stories when i feel like it. Other than that I do my best to keep my room clean and my things organized. Believe it or not, i do have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) which means I usually end up organizing things alot. I don\'t really mind cleaning up other people\'s messes, as long as it isn\'t in my area. I tend to keep friends at arms length even though i really want them to be my best friends! Currently don\'t have very many friends, i am very shy and don\'t often leave my house unless it\'s to go to work or to run errands. I tend to be quiet. A very big thing about me, once i have a project, goal or command in my head, i automatically end up walking away without the intentions of being rude when i am either in a conversation or when a conversation is ending. I don\'t mean to, I am still listening even if i am walking away. I just do this because i must get to the place i need to be so i can finish what i need to do and enjoy my time with who i talk to.

What I am Looking For...
I am basically just waiting until i am either ready to move out, or my mom kicks me out. But i need an extremly responsible, dependable, honest, kind female roommate, hopefully a few of them. Someone who is open minded and doesnt mind video games and other things. Someone who is perfectly okay with me being awkward and who doesnt feel awkward themselves when it is silent and there is no conversation. I\'m not much of a partier, so i hope to find someone who wont throw a party in the house/apartment any time after 9pm. (sorry, i do enjoy my peace and quiet by that time.)

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  My Rental Preference  
Rent: $300 per month
Lease: 12 months or less
Date available: Ready to move now
Location: Dania FL 33312 and nearby areas
Residence type: Apartment, House, Townhouse, Condo, Other
Bedroom occupancy: I'd like my own bedroom
Bathroom occupancy: I'd like my own bathroom

  Basic Information About Me  
Age: 27 years
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Professional
Smoking: I don't smoke
Cleanliness: Im a bit messy
Pets: Cats
Children: Will not be present

  My Household Preference  
Age range: 18-27
Gender: No Preference
Occupations: Professional(s), Student(s), Military, Unemployed, Retired
Smoking habits: I don't smoke
Cleanliness: About average
Children: Will not be present
Pets: No Preference

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